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The Four Must-Have Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes

As a makeup artist, I've collected tons of eye makeup especially eyeshadow palettes that work for me and my clients, and can also be played around with for different looks. Individual eyeshadows are good when you want a specific color which is not included in a palette, but for me, palettes or even customizable palettes are quite convenient to carry around. These are a few of my favorites that you must definitely own or add to your makeup kits!

Makeup Forever Artist Shadow Nude Palette-

Beautiful neutral shades that are easy to play up or play down your look. From granites, to ivory and platinum, the eyeshadow shades blend really well together creating a sheen effect. I love the pigments of the Artist Shadows, especially the black eyeshadow color which is so strongly pigmented. A little bit goes a long way, and a perfect black to add to any of the neutral colors on the eyelid. (Available at Makeup Forever & Sephora)

Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette-

One of my first eyeshadow palettes I bought and fell in love with instantly. Carrying it to trips and holidays is a blessing, as the colors of this palette blend with almost anything you wear. They're not super pigmented so you have to tap on two layers if you want it to show well, but otherwise I love using "Tease" as my crease color and pairing with any of the colors. I prefer this palette to the other two palettes Urban Decay carries (Naked and Naked 3) as it goes well with my skin tone and choice of colors. The best part is that it comes with its own brush, that is dual edged, one side is flat for applying the eyeshadow and the other side is rounded for blending the eyeshadows together. (Available at Sephora)

Meet Matt(e) Nude by the Balm Cosmetics-

This is for you matte lovers! It's a palette that is so useful for a quick 5 minute makeup. It doesn't need much effort, as it's all matte so the colors blend with each other. Doing soft and heavy eye makeup with this palette is easy as all you need to do is build up or layer up the colors. It has a variety of browns which makes it simpler to blend the browns together for a smokey brown eye makeup. When you want something more subtle, use "Matt Singh" or "Matt Lombardi" over the centre of your eyelid, "Matt Malloy" on the inner corner of your eye and pair it up with "Matt Rosen" or "Matt Garcia" on the edges. It's actually that simple to work with. You can have the tendency to put extra as matte goes on faster and is messier than shimmer, but I recommend to start with little eyeshadow and build more where needed, then blend. (Available at Debenhams)

Too-Faced Chocolate Bar-

This is by far the most amazing palette you will ever invest in and not look back! Not only does it have the most beautiful neutral and glamorous colors, but it also smells like chocolate which makes it even more tempting to use. My personal favorites to use on the crease are Milk Chocolate & Semi-Sweet depending on the look I'm going for. This palette is not completely neutral, as it comes with shades of violets and greens, which makes it suitable for different eye colors. I like using the highlighters in this palette, White Chocolate and Champagne Truffle, for many purposes. Sometimes on the brow bone, sometimes on the cheeks and sometimes on the eyelid. They're well pigmented so they look good in pictures as well. The eyeshadows also don't fall and are long-lasting. If you don't know which palette to buy, this should be your first option! (Available at Sephora)

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