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Today's Tip:

Many times, we have to put foundation on our faces and leave it on for the whole day, and it can get irritating when you have to top up your makeup in the evening again for another event. Most girls wash their faces and reapply their makeup but there is no need to do so. To avoid the whole process, all you have to do is take an ultra light moisturiser (like Kiehl's Ultra facial cream, or even Clarins Daily Energizer Cream) and apply a pea-size amount all over your face, to get the freshness of the makeup back. You end up having a dewy look, and some of your makeup might have come off over the hours, but after you moisturize, then touch up any areas that need some coverage or some more foundation. This way, you look and feel refreshed without wasting too much time. If you have oily skin, and your skin gets oily from the day, don't apply any cream over your makeup as this could cause more pimples and grease on the face. Instead, use a facial mist spray over your makeup and dab away any excess water with a cotton pad. Once dry, re apply your foundation/concealer over areas that have faded with time.

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