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How to Minimize Makeup Packing for Travel

Not many travelers know how to pack wisely for their holiday or short trips because they want to take everything they have packed with them and don't know what to remove from their bags! I am definitely one of them, but when it comes to makeup you must know what you need for a holiday so that you can pack well and avoid coming back with broken or unused makeup.

1. Use a travel organizer for makeup - Victoria Secret's hanging travel case is an ideal option for organizing and dividing your makeup into categories i.e. putting your lipsticks together in one section, eyeshadows in another & lip pencils in the other. Carrying one big kit can be bulky and confusing when you want to find one thing amongst several others in the kit.

2. Carry makeup wipes - Avoid carrying liquid cleansers and use wipes that clean up all your makeup instantly. I like using Sephora makeup wipes as they have vitamins & other components in them which are good for your skin & are quite inexpensive. MAC also has good makeup wipes.

3. 3-IN-1 Cleansers instead of wipes - Some people don't like using makeup wipes as they have sensitive skin, so use cleansers like Bioderma Cleansing solution with a cotton pad to remove makeup off your makeup. Use a separate eye makeup remover for the eyes. I like Simple's Eye makeup remover as it is quite gentle on the eyes, and great for sensitive eyes.

4. Eyeshadows that match your wardrobe - No need to carry eyeshadows individually as they take up a lot of space. Carry one palette that consists with a mix of neutral and shimmery colors to complement all your outfits during your holiday. You should have a mix of brown and black shades in the palette, and one or two shimmery colors to create highlights in your eye makeup. I like using Sleek's eyeshadow palette in Storm, & Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette for traveling. Urban Decay also has the mini travel sets in Sephora which has nude colors only, I love it!

5. Buy 2-in-1 makeup - Instead of carrying a lipstick and a blusher, use products like Benefit's Benetint (lip & cheek stain) that can be used for dual purposes. Likewise, instead of taking a moisturizer, sunblock and a foundation, take a BB cream. I like Clarins BB Skin Perfecting cream & Dior Skin's Nude BB cream on my skin. Carry wet eyeshadow as a replacement for eyeliner so that you can carry only one makeup item. Replace eyebrow powders & blender brushes with eyebrow pencils that come with dual wands like Chanel's dual-edge eyebrow pencil.

6. Makeup brush sets that you need - You don't need a million brushes for doing your own makeup. All you need is a flat eyeshadow brush, a rounded eyeshadow blending brush, an eyeliner application brush, and a blusher brush. Contouring brush you can add if you like to contour your cheeks regularly. The Sephora makeup brush set is quite useful and handy for traveling.

7. De-pot your lipsticks - Don't carry all your lipsticks. Cut off some of your lipsticks with a spatula or scrape them off onto an empty container, and carry a small quantity of the few colors that you really need on holiday. The best containers to de-pot your lipsticks in are small medicine boxes, or jewelry organizers as they are transparent & come with dividers. Mixing them is relatively easy incase you miss out on a shade. Always carry a nude, a red and a dark color lipstick to be able to mix and get different shades on different days of your trip.

8. Travel-size packs & samples - Most popular makeup brands come in travel sizes too and you find them at Sephora's counter section in Dubai. I recommend looking over to find mini mascaras, lip pencils and eyeshadow palettes as I've picked up so many and absolutely love them when I have to travel light. If not travel sizes, save the samples you get at the counters when you shop on a promotion from a certain brand, as they are very helpful to carry in your makeup pouches & save you a lot of space!

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