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Skincare tips from Dr. Lamees, founder of Shiffa

Few days back, I attended a skincare session with Dr.Lamees, the founder & owner of the organic skincare brand, Shiffa, that sells at Sephora. I loved the advice she gave me on my skin after examining my skin type and what exactly to use, so I have started using some of her products and I’m already obsessing over Shiffa’s Healing Balm. They also did a mini facial on my face, using the trip-acid peel, and moisturized with the white-tea moisturizer. This is a great option to rejuvenate and refresh your skin, ideal to do once a week.

She had some useful tips she gave out during the session:

In your 20s

-Don’t use facial wipes and micellar water as its harmful to your skin in the long-run. Use it to remove your makeup if needed, but that’s about it. Alternatively, use facial cleansers that suit your skin type.

-Start exfoliating regularly to remove any blackheads and dirt accumulated on your face.

-Cleansing routine twice in a day is a must. Cleanse your face in the morning & double cleanse at night. Double cleansing should involve cleaning off your makeup and then cleaning your pores.

-Start using SPFs.

In your 30s

-Upgrade to more expensive anti-ageing products.

-Moisturise your neck as well, not only the face.

-Use serums or ampoules in your routine. (Shiffa’s brightening ampoule is for uneven skin tone & the rejuvenating ampoule is good for ageing issues) She loves using ampoules as they have pure active ingredients whereas serums are good for hydration.

-Drink more herbal tea like chamomile, spearmint, ginger or even cinnamon tea. Green tea is not a herbal tea. Herbal teas alkalizes your body. Cinnamon tea controls your sugar spikes.

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