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Biggest Instagram nail trend: Chrome & Holographic Nails

It has been a few weeks that I have been experimenting with my nails for the festive season and I can't say how addicted I actually am to this crazy nail trend! This trend has changed the way I feel about metallic colors because I've always hated metallic nail polish colors on my nails.

The first time, I started slamming my nails by doing Holographic Nails. This is effect which looks

beautiful under the sun, like a rainbow. You need to choose a base color first for your nails which uses the Gel nail polish technique, with Gellish or Shellac, in the normal way under a UV machine (it lasts for 3 weeks). Once sealed, the holographic powder goes over these nails to polish and shine them, so whatever nail color you choose under this holographic powder reflects once the nails are done. If you choose a light color like I did (i.e. white) , the reflection is silver but if you choose a darker color, the holographic effect appears as darker too. After 2 weeks, the holographic powder effect started slight fading because of washing hands regularly but it was definitely worth it! For those of you who have never done Gellish or Shellac before and think it damages your nails, I really think you should try it out because it doesn't yellow the nails like regular nailpolish. It does sometimes damage your nails only if you have really sensitive nails but once you clean it up after having it on for 3 weeks, get a manicure done to keep your cuticles and nails clean & healthy.

The second time around, I wanted to go for another effect and that was the Chrome Nail effect. This shiny nail trend was on my mind for a while but the confusion was the base color. I chose to go for a baby pink/ lavender nail polish base color with a silver chrome powder on top to get rose gold nails. If you want pink chrome nails, go for a bright pink or orange base nail color which also looks amazing and is very popular amongst many girls. Darker chrome nails have also become quite popular, and you need to go for a black or grey base color to get the reflection of a darker chrome. The process is the same as Holographic nails, in which only the powder differs. Chrome and Holographic are the type of powders used on top of Gel nails which bring about that shine/effect on your nails. This also lasts for up to 3 weeks but the main difference between both of these effects is the reflection of colors. Chrome is shinier than Holographic and does not bring out the rainbow color effect under the sun. Both are really good options for the party season, and I recommend you to try it out if you're in for some glamour before Christmas & New Year!

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