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10 Money-saving Beauty tips for Makeup addicts

Every makeup addict has their way of saving money of products they buy or have their way of re-using them to their best use, whilst saving money. These are a few you need to know, especially if you're a makeup addict:

1. No need to buy heated eyelash curlers, since using your own eyelash curler and heating it up with a hairdryer gives you the same effect.

2. If you don't have enough space in your bag for the night, carry a lipstick color and use that as a blush on your cheeks instead of carrying a blush and a lipstick separately. Apply & blend this color with your fingers for an even application.

3. Recycle old MAC products in any of their stores, and get free products in return. Love this initiative! I've usually taken a mix of empty eyeshadow pots and empty lipsticks to get a free product in return.

4. Instead of investing in expensive eye makeup removers, use Johnson's baby oil to clean any makeup on your eyes. It also moisturises and softens the eye area.

5. Use brushes when applying liquid foundation rather than a beauty blender or any other sponge, as sponges eat up the product easily and you waste more of your foundation in the process.

6. Use cotton bolls or cotton pads inside your compact powder or eyeshadow to prevent it from breaking or cracking in your bag. All you need is a small amount of cotton to make sure its in place.

7. The pigment of any broken eyeshadow can be used with clear nail polish to give you a nail polish of that customized color so don't throw away your eyeshadows!

8. Some lipstick colors you buy, you don't usually end up liking them. To lighten or darken this color, mix it with other colors in your makeup kit to achieve the color you want. A lipstick can never go waste.

9. Make any cream eyeshadow or pencil on your eyelids matte, by applying any translucent loose powder on top of it. You don't have to keep the sheen or shimmer if you don't want it to be there.

10. Don't buy an eyebrow powder color when you have the same eyeshadow color in your neutral eyeshadow palette. Use this eyeshadow to do your eyebrows instead. Soft brown, medium brown and dark browns are the best colors to play around with on your eyes and eyebrows.

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