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Why does your hair not hold any curls?

This has been the recent story behind my hair and it has really started annoying me as time goes by but I have found solutions to work around my hair that might help you too!

a. Prep your hair

If your hair doesn't have holding power, either because its silky or thinning, use products like a mousse or heat protector before starting your blow-dry or hairstyling. I prefer heat protectors rather than mousse especially if you do blowdries regularly as too much of hair mousse can also be damaging in the long-run as your hair gets used to it. L'Oreal & TRESemme have some good ones in the market.

b. Reduce use of conditioner

Right before a blow-dry or hairstyling at the salon, I try to use a pea-size amount of conditioner only on the ends of my hair, to let the blow-dry stay in for longer. If I over condition, then my blow-dry never tends to hold well as the hair becomes softer & silkier. Conditioner is used to close the cuticle after a hair wash so using a small amount makes it easier for the hair to hold better. I know, its a weird logic but it works for me. If I ever have to do any hair treatments or hair spa, I do it days before my blow-dry but not on the same day to avoid greasiness of scalp and falling out of curls.

c. Tighter curls with smaller brushes/barrels

Use brushes or curling barrels that are smaller in size so that the curls are tighter and hold for longer. Bigger brushes and barrels create slight wave in the hair but fall out easily, whereas smaller tighter curls look quite small but when you brush them out, they hold better giving you more of a curl effect. I prefer using the smaller ones myself.

d. Heat control & distribution

Using the right heated tools is very important. Some straighteners and curlers sold in the market are not so effective at giving equal amount of heat across the rod so you should opt for the good quality ones only (I like to use Amika curling barrels for my personal use- available in Dubai). Digital temperature control is key, as that distributes heat equally across the barrel rather than the manually controlled ones. For hair brushes, always make sure your hairstylist is using the same amount of heat during the complete blow-dry and not reducing or increasing temperature of the hairdryer after every few minutes. Constant heat control is needed to ensure all hair remains intact.

e. Clip & Pin-curl it

This is the secret behind how fabulous hair can look after a blow-dry! Using clips after every curl, and pinning it into a pin-curl is the answer to all your curl problems. When you clip it, you are trapping the heat and letting the hair set in a certain shape until it cools down. Once you leave it on for few hours, and open these clips you will have curls that have held their shape and volume without falling out. This is definitely the best way to make sure you have glamorous, long-lasting curls.

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