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Top 3 Eyeliner Pencils- Tried & Tested

My favorite makeup product of all times: EYELINER

Can't live without using this before I leave home, and is one product that I'm obsessed with when it comes to personal makeup.

Makeup Forever- Kohl pencil (also comes in waterproof): I find this eyeliner pencil quite intense

in its color and that's what I love about it. It glides on easily, and stays on for long. Since its a kohl pencil, I like putting it inside my waterline and smudging it below the waterline with my fingers to get the smokey effect. It doesn't spread and create a mess like other pencils but it does wear off later if you have watery eyes. I recommend the waterproof one for those with watery eyes.

Inglot AMC Eyeliner- I love the way this eyeliner sits on the eye without moving. It is definitely for long-wear, and quite smooth to apply as well as easy to blend. I like using this on my upper lid as well if I want a smokey smudged eyeliner look. It has advanced makeup components which make it long-lasting and intense. This is more of an eyeliner pencil and I find it a little less intense than the Makeup Forever kohl pencil.

MAC Feline Kohl Power- This is a beautiful liner to give you that deep coverage in your waterlines and lids. The soft carbon in black gives you an intense, smoked finish on the eyes leaving your eyes rich in black. It is also quite easy to blend or smudge this pencil and I find it equally intense as the Makeup Forever pencil. I like using it in a heavier way to give me more intensity in black. I felt like this eyeliner did spread a bit after a few hours so I go over it with some eyeshadow to smudge it better, and leave it intact.

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