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My Halloween Makeup 2016

Halloween is the best time of the year to go crazy & experiment all sorts of looks on clients and friends. This year, I wanted to create something of my own which is easy for people to copy and wear out without much hassle. I went for a messy, yet glamorous kind of look which focused mainly on the eyes and lips. Kept the skin as natural as I could.

Skin: I kept the natural skin color and only concealed areas that needed to become even with the actual skin tone.


I used Rimmel's Scandal Eyes Precision micro eyeliner in black, which has a very fine tip so makes it easy to create thin and thick lines in a random manner. All I did was started created random lines around my eye in a haywire manner, so that they're all over the place and spread out to give the effect of a mask. Some thick and some thin, depending on where I wanted it to be concentrated. I did this around both my eyes.

Once I finished the lines, I went over my upper eyelid and created a winged liner. Then I used Kryolan eyelashes with dark Duo eyelash glue and stuck them on for a dramatic effect. You could even use more dramatic eyelashes if you want them to look crazier.

(I did not use any product on the eyes before I started the makeup but made sure the eyes were not greasy so that the liner didn't smudge)

Nose: I used Rimmel's Exaggerate waterproof eye definer (pencil liner) to create the nose definition like I'm contouring and then smudging with my fingers on the sides of the nose. I went around the bottom of my nose to create the cat effect. The liner stay put and didn't move so I quite liked it.

Lips: I went over my lips with Sleek's liquid matte lipstick in 433 Rioja Red but didn't follow the natural lip line, slightly made it more dramatic by oversizing them so it looks effective. Since its matte, it dried up quickly and I dabbed Ingot's Duraline on top of the lips. Then, I used my fingers to press MAC glitter in Silver & Gold on this in a random manner, alternating silver and gold. This created a beautiful shimmer effect and added lots more glamour to the classic red lips.

Feel free to experiment with this look, and add some contouring or foundation to your face to give it more definition.

Products used: (up to down)

Ingot Duraline, MAC Glitter in Silver & Gold, Sleek liquid matte lipstick in 433 Rioja Red,

Rimmel Scandal eyes Precision Micro eyeliner in black, Rimmel Exaggerate waterproof eye definer in blackest black.

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