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Staying hydrated with Neutrogena

It was just a few weeks back when I was introduced to this Hydroboost range from Neutrogena that targeted de-hydration, one of the most common skin problems in the Middle East. I've been using their products for over a week and I have been able to understand what works well for my skin.

The Neutrogena HydroBoost Facial wipes: They are quite soothing & cooling, and they don't cause dryness or irritation after using. Most of my makeup came off easily (even the darkest gel liner) and it left freshness to the face right after. They're also quite moisturising so they're great for travel especially when your skin feels tight or dry.

The Neutrogena HydroBoost Water Gel: I loved this product only because it felt super light on my skin with no hint of oiliness whatsoever. Usually, when I apply a cream, my skin feels semi-oily but since this is water-based, it glided on easily before I applied my sunblock. However, after a few hours, the skin did end up feeling like its eaten the product away. I've been using this for over a week now, and waiting to see how I feel in a month, but for now I've not been able to see much of a significant difference. The only reason I would continue using this is because it feels great when you apply it on your face and especially because it contains hyaluronic acid which is so good for your skin! Hyaluronic acid comes with anti-aging & youth-enhancing effects that help enhance moisture in your skin, keeping it fresher and younger.

The Neutrogena HydroBoost Micellar Water: This product does no justice to the HydroBoost range. The first time I tried cleaning my makeup and skin using a cotton pad & this micellar water, I was completely put off by how nothing came off my face. The makeup was still on, and I felt my skin had that oily residue after a long day at work. I tried a few times, but nothing worked. It felt like I'm applying water on my skin and nothing else, but in that case why would I use Micellar water instead of water?! I don't recommend buying this product as you won't be happy with the results, and it can't be compared to the other micellar water products in the market.

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