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Simple rules for hair maintenance

People in Dubai are always concerned about hair problems and how it's all got to do with Dubai's water, but there are many other factors apart from the water that affect our hair indirectly. Diet, chemical treatments, water intake and weather all have a role to play. I do get asked how I maintain my hair, and yes I put in a lot of effort.

The simplest way to maintain your hair starts from yourself. These are a few rules I stick by!

Wash your hair every alternate day.

Don't leave your scalp to be greasy for a long period of time. It can cause dirt to take over, leading to dandruff and other hairfall problems. Keep your scalp as clean as possible to avoid any hair infections of any sort.

Use the right shampoo for your hair type.

If your hair is not colored or damaged, don't use the shampoo for colored or damaged hair. Use the one suitable for your hair type in order to get the right treatment.

Hair care should be once a week.

Use hair masks or oil your hair at least once a week. The damage we cause to our hair every day due to the sun is enough to actually take haircare seriously. You need hair to glow too just like your face and body. (P.s. home remedies work well for the hair too!) Be careful because some hair masks can leave your hair to be quite greasy. That's why I prefer using oils

Have enough amount of greens in your daily diet.

Don't ignore your body and diet. Include green leafy vegetables in your daily routine. Either in the form of a salad, steamed veggies or even a green juice. This gives you the right amount of vitamins you need for your hair to grow stronger and healthier. It brings slow results but it definitely shows over the months when you eat or drink healthy.

Regular head/scalp massages

Getting head massages done is a remedy that really helps. I'm obsessed with this not only because its super relaxing but also because it helps improving blood circulation (which helps in new hair growth)

Use split-end serums instead of leave-in conditioners.

Leave-in conditioners seem to be advertised as the most beneficial after care for your hair, but I don't feel it works for me. In reality, it makes my hair greasier than normal leaving it flat and shiny, which I don't like. If I wanted shiny, I could use a shine hairspray or product but instead I prefer serums. I love using split-end serums after washing my hair, only when it is damp, as it gives me the shine and the appearance of healthier-looking hair. I would recommend you to try this routine out. Also, if you use leave-in conditioner, that makes a blow-dry more difficult to last.

Haircut only when you need it.

There is no need to get a haircut every single month just because your hair has grown longer. Haircut should only be done when your hair feels dry, unhealthy and the end looks dead or have a lot of split ends. This is the way I realize I need a hair trim. Cutting your hair monthly is not necessary and stops you from letting your hair grow. Some people do have good hair growth and don't need to chop it off. Check your hair first and then consult your hairstylist.

Say no to hairdryers.

Hairdryers seem to be the easiest option after a hair wash, but its actually damaging. I love drying my hair initially for two minutes, then drying it with cold hair for another two minutes and letting it dry naturally until it dries up completely. Since I have dry hair, I don't like using the hairdryer too much for a long period of time as any heat makes your hair lose that moisture.

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