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Favorite Five Red Lipstick shades

Red lipsticks are a girl's best friend. One color that suits everyone in different tones, be it warm or cool tones. I always have this tendency to go for a red lipstick when I can't seem to be feeling any other shade while doing my makeup. These are my 5 favorite red lipsticks I can't live without.

Image above- Left to right: MAC Ruby Woo, L'Oreal Collection Exclusive Liya Red, Christian Dior in Rouge Dior 999, Rimmel for Kate in Muse Red , Dolce & Gabbana's Dolce Fire

MAC Ruby Woo- The classic red lipstick shade with a matte finish & cool tone that looks good on almost everyone. Also one of the most popular reds at MAC, which somehow grabs everyone's eye. Has the perfect amount of red with deepness in its shade but once you wear it for long, I don't like how it leaves matte lines on the lips. In that sense, I find it too matte to wear everyday.

L'oreal Collection Exclusive in Liya Red- When I came across this shade at a drugstore, I thought it wouldn't have a great finish. I was wrong, because this is one of the most inexpensive lipsticks in comparison to most lipsticks for the quality it actually is. I would call it a drugstore version of the Ruby Woo. Sometimes, I love mixing the two as well.

Christian Dior in Rouge Dior 999- The ultimate Dior shade which is slightly warmer in tone than the rest. The satin finish glides on your lips beautifully with a sheen but doesn't last so long for someone like me, whose lipstick goes off easily. I love wearing this one when my lips feel dry as it covers that up well.

Rimmel in Muse Red- Another drugstore lipstick that falls so well on the lips. Not only does it moisturize but it also gives you that glossy pigmented finish but wears off quickly as its quite glossy in comparison to the Christian Dior.

Dolce & Gabbana in Dolce Fire- Dolce's best kept secret in this velvet finish lipstick. One of the most perfect lipsticks that fits any day or mood. Great for day and night, super soft, smoothly glides on & perfectly matte that doesn't dry up your lips or wear off easily. It has more of an orange tone, but looks so bright and fresh that I love wearing it every single time. If you want to splurge, this is the one!

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