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Trending Redcarpet Hairstyles 2016

Welcome to my new and improved website & blog! Thank you for supporting me and appreciating my work for over 4 years. Its been such a fun journey getting to know each and everyone of you.

Since the festive season & the busiest time of the year are approaching, I thought of giving you all some hair inspiration that could help you dress your hair up for your upcoming events. Its so lovely to see how celebrities and socialites each have their version of the same hairstyle, giving us inspiration to follow and love their style even more.

1. Braided Buns - Easy to add a braid anywhere in your hairstyle and make it more playful. Braid with a braided bun is the perfect definition of an elegant hairstyle which would always look good at any event, more specifically when you're wearing a long cocktail dress or gown.

2. Volume Bobs - Short hair is the easiest hair to manage, especially in hot weather but it does need the right amount of styling. Straight hair bobs are not so attractive as soft wave bobs. All you need is a curling tong, and some backcombing or volumizing powder/sprays. It adds so much more character to your complete look.

3. Half Top Knot- The hairstyle that has been trending all over the globe. Tying top half of your hair in a knot (bun) and letting the rest of your hair loosely down. This reduces the volume of your hair but since it looks so good when you wear it, how does that matter?! Super cool hairstyle to rock at any casual or formal event.

4. Half Knot Ponytail - Another version of the Top Knot, but doesn't cut down on the volume of the hair since its all let down loosely. Slick back half ponytails look much better and cleaner, highlighting your facial features. I would recommend this to those of you who like volume and those who want a change in your regular daily looks.

5. Braided Ponytail - One of my most favorite looks that looks effortlessly elegant yet trendy. It is a double-sided braid with a twist, letting the rest of your hair out in a ponytail. As easy as it looks, its actually quite a difficult hairstyle to get right as it has to look clean, and works really well on highlighted or colored hair.

Hope you get ideas from these to create your own version of these hairstyles for your next big event.

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