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It might sound farfetched but when something works, I don't let go of it so easily. A few years ago, I incorporated a healthy juice into my everyday routine without realizing how powerful it'll actually be for my skin health. I've always had acne-prone skin & dealt with adult acne as well so I've always been on the hunt for natural yet powerful solutions to maintain the skin's health.

Skincare does a certain amount from the outside for the skin, but I felt I also needed a cleanse internally to flush out any toxins and boost my nutrition so that I can achieve clear, glowing & healthy skin post my acne journey. That's when I started juicing everyday with a simple green juice that transformed me - it made me feel less puffy/bloated & also added that extra boost to my skin due to the high content of vitamins & antioxidants. I drank it consistently everyday in the week for a few months and noticed that the healing power of natural ingredients from the kitchen is incredible. You have to work on the inside, to glow up on the outside i.e. "skinfoods" is a section where I talk about it all (on my Instagram @flawlessbeautybyenrica). This has been my secret for years & there's no looking back but yes, consistency is key!

Sharing the recipe below (you can change the quantities depending on the size of your glass):

Kale leaves

Celery sticks

Two to three cucumbers

Two apples

Few spinach leaves

A small piece of ginger

Lemon juice (optional)

Have you tried this already or are you planning to try it? Let me know in the comments below.

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