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Specialising in bridal makeup has brought immense pleasure from the beginning of her career. Bringing beauty and elegance to a bride with the flawless touch is what determins a good makeup artist. Here are the few brides who are have been given the bridal makeover by Enrica.

Pre-wedding Shoots

The first few moments, after the couple have decided to commit themselves to each other before the big day, are beautifully captured in a pre-wedding shoot. The emotions, the love and the spark flows through their veins but what's most special is the concept creation behind the shoot. This is brought to life with Enrica's expertise in styling the entire hair and makeup look for the glowing bride-to-be.  


Even though, it might be a proposal or a ring or a celebration, looking glamorous for an event so special brings out that glow in you. As a bride-to be, this is where it all starts to become about you, and Enrica's focus is on making you glow further, until your groom-to-be's heart truly melts & he can't stop staring at you... 

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