Rescue Your Skin with Hydration

Does your skin feel tight and dry despite all this excess oil being produced? Yup, then you may have dehydrated skin! By definition, "hydration" is the process of causing something to absorb water, and in this case the "something" is our skin. Just as our bodies need water to function, our skin needs water to look and feel its best! There are some things that REALLY work to hydrate your skin but it all starts with the right skincare (apart from 8 glasses of water a day, obviously). HYDRATING EYE CREAM A creamy and nourishing hydrating eye cream (also suitable for sensitive skin) which is made of avocado oil, beta-carotene and shea butter. Since avocado oil carries omega essential fatty acids

Stop Your Concealer From Creasing

If you've been struggling with your under eye issues, whether dark circles or puffiness, then concealers are your best friend. But using these regularly comes with some other issues, such as fine lines, wrinkles and dryness which can cause the under eye makeup to crease after a few hours. The skin under the eyes stops producing enough oil and thats how the fine lines start setting in slowly with time. There are a few ways you can achieve smooth skin under the eyes without many creases forming in, even though its a never-ending battle.... Picture credits: Eman (youtube blogger) 1. Hydrate & Prep the under eye area Depending on how dry your skin is under the eyes, use an effective moisturising

My Quickest Makeup Secret Revealed!

It's no joke that makeup has many secrets and that I do keep a lot of my tips and tricks under my sleeve being a professional makeup artist...but, this time I wanted to give you a peak into the way makeup works. Doing makeup on yourself is very different to doing makeup on clients so this trick is one you can use for yourself as its quick and easy!! Having the perfect makeup starts with having the right skincare, and not many people emphasise on this as pretty instagram pictures are mainly what people care about. That's not enough! Having well-hydrated and well-moisturised skin before you apply makeup on is SO important. I'm a fan of good and effective skincare but that doesn't have to come

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