My Fashion Diary: Boutique Trends

When I say Rosh concept, you think its conceptualized around a particular design or style that forms this brand but in reality, the name Rosh originates from the founder and owner's full name in its abbreviated form which has been used to identify the brand and her style. She is a woman of great taste which is seen in her personal style, and she carries every piece with such elegance. This truth is also portrayed in her pieces that are available to the gorgeous women of Dubai making it an exclusive online boutique which is regularly updated with the latest fashion trends and designs. All the outfits above are available at @rosh_concept on instagram - contact them through direct message for d

DiorMakeup X Sephora - the masterclass details you need to know!!

Recently, I had been invited to the Dior makeup masterclass with The Dior International Pro Team Makeup Artist, Emmanuelle Geoffrey, which was hosted by Sephora in Dubai (pictured above). It was exciting to get to know how Dior makeup artists work backstage and how they keep up with all the trends and different skin tones, as well as come up with such wonderful products that do so much justice to one's skin and one's face. We got to experiment with their new makeup range, and apply it on ourselves to create the final look and to get the feel of the products hands on. The best part of the masterclass was their skin preparation where we focused on using and layering the right products to targe

Weekly Beauty Pampering At My Favorite Spot In Town!

Whether I'm traveling or I'm in Dubai super busy with work or routine life, there's always some way I make time for this particular time of the week which is all about ME time. I look forward to these sessions as they help me unwind after the whole week's craziness, helping me relax my muscles as well as pamper my hair a little extra. I could be doing this hot oil massage treatment at home myself, but the reason I don't is because of the way I feel when I'm at this salon and the professionalism of the service whenever I get it done. The hot oil massage treatment starts with a head massage using their own herbal oil made at the salon, which helps promote hair growth and reduce hairfall, as we

The most foolproof technique to cover my dark circles...

Dark circles are one of the most noticeable areas of your face, that either dull down your look or make your look even more glamorous if done in the right way. I face this problem on a daily basis, and I've tried so many things to get the right makeup for my under eye dark circles, especially since its a genetic issue. There are several tutorials and techniques in which people banish under eye dark circles using red lipsticks, red pigments and other crazy ways, but in its truest sense, they are actually quite dangerous. It is known that using any red lipstick under your eyes can pose a danger to your eye/eyesight and comes with many other risks so its not advisable to do so! The most fool pr

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