How to instantly control acne/pimple-prone skin with my 3-step skin regime...

Acne hasn't been frequent on my list especially after my adult acne condition that happened a few years back, but there have been spots or pimples that crop up on my face from time to time. The diet and eating out a lot does play a big role on my skin, but also since I don't apply makeup on a daily basis, I remain extra careful to be free of chemicals and other treatments that affect my skin indirectly. While I was on holiday last month, I started noticing a gradual pattern of spots and random pimples that would appear overnight. Initially, I did panic as I got a few of them together but I didn't realize that I actually found myself the perfect way to control my acne that cured my skin overn

Tried & Tested: The SECRET potion that makes your hair grow faster!!

This BIG SECRET is one I'm revealing today only because I've seen so many girls ask about hairfall and face hairfall problems within Dubai, out of which mostly everyone blames it on the water that we use to shampoo our hair. Dubai's heat also doesn't help the hair condition and causes a lot of damage to our hair indirectly. Since I have always highlighted or chemically treated my hair, I also always face the normal hairfall issue but try to control it as quick as I can by doing regular hair treatments and trying out products that help me keep my hair in good condition if not the best! One of the most common things to do is oil massage treatments for your scalp, but this one is just a little

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