Why you must try this beauty service at the newest salon in Dubai...

Jumeirah has opened its doors to the newest & latest buzz in town, which is originally a hair spa but surprisingly offers beauty services that you might haven't witnessed in terms of quality and professionalism. I got the opportunity to try out one of the most important services that every girl needs, which is hair removal using Lycon wax at Rossana Ferretti Hair Spa. It being my first time using this wax especially at a new salon, I wasn't sure what to expect from the whole experience but the end result was worth it. Lycon wax is actually known to be very suitable for sensitive skin (which is my skin type), it works well for short hair up to 1 mm and it is non-irritant unlike other fruit an

My Fashion Diary: Designer Feel, Luxurious Night outs

Looking for designer wear that is inspired by Balmain and other well-known brands? Party wear just became easier with short and long evening dresses from Vannia by Vannia, with good quality fabrics and luxurious feels when actually worn! I've been wearing her outfits for a few events and I like the way the dresses fit on me to perfection. The designer/owner herself is now based in Dubai having migrated from Bangkok, Thailand originally so caters to the latest fashion following trends worldwide. Even though a lot of the designs are inspired from designers, owning a piece is an absolute delight and loving it for its style yet being able to style it to your own taste is something that makes you

Favorite Beauty Products of June 2017

Summer months are here, and taking care of your skin should be priority. Mixing up products to get that summer glow is on top of the list. Watch out for my favorites this month! NIVEA SUN Protect and Moisture Sun Lotion SPF 30: The simplest and lightest sun protection that is available worldwide at every shelf or every supermarket or drugstore for your entire body. Its' white creamy texture is thick but quite effective to put on the whole body before heading out to the beach or sea. It's good to keep topping this up once you sweat, swim or change clothes as some of it might wear off during the process. It has UVA/UVB filters to protect all skin types once its applied well all over the body,

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