Favorite Beauty Products of April 2017

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder - This is an equivalent to a sheer luminous polish to your skin with a natural-satin finish, great for touching up makeup or even setting foundation throughout the day but at the same time, giving you a lightweight feel only. Who said makeup is bad for the skin, especially when a product like this has vitamin E in it?! I also like using it for natural contouring, so if someone is lighter skin-toned, buy a darker shade powder to contour the cheekbones and face. If you want to use it for highlighting, buy two shades lighter to highlight their face. It does serve as a multi-functional powder. Since it comes in so many shades, its so easy to match with yo

My Fashion Diary: Chic meets Comfort at Wozati

Having a French influence and keeping a mix of elegance with casual style is what this brand is all about. Made of 100% natural fabrics like cotton and silk, with high-end quality designs, Wozati is committed to paying attention to every single detail to its quality and luxury provided through their online store. Natural beauty is emphasized with the simplicity, and quality of their clothing. White Shirt Dress by Wozati Wearing these outfits makes me feel so comfortable, and I love the versatility of every piece, which was easy to pair and play around with for my daily wear. If I had to compare it to any other high street brand, I can definitely say that these quality fabrics are rare to fin

New formula to get healthy Inside & Out

Healthy isn't about what's on the outside, and what is covered with makeup day on day. It's also what is on the inside that goes into your system, making you look beautiful on the outside. Behind this concept, is where Bourjois comes together with Kcal, on an exciting collaboration to make healthy juices following the formula of their HEALTHY MIX foundation to bring out the perfect you i.e. they even use the same vitamins used in the foundation to make the juice to have the similar feel and nutrients for you. Using the picture above, you can order the Healthy Mix meal from mid-April to mid-May, which is a salad and a juice exclusively available for this collaboration at all Kcal restaurants

The Perfume every Shoe addict needs!

Shoes are a girl's best friend, or well most girls, and for me, perfumes are my favorite accessory to wear when I step out as that's what leaves a lasting impression throughout the day and night. Combing both together is deadly and that's what the genius, Carolina Herrara, has come up with in her latest fragrance, GOOD GIRL, using her couture expertise to redefine beauty. The perfume is well designed for the woman who loves her good side but celebrates her bad side, bringing in light and dark elements within this stiletto bottle. It is definitely a piece to store and show off on your shelves, and not only show off but also fall in love with the sensuality of its smell. The fragrance carries

Healthier-looking, radiant skin with Clarins

Clarins has been my favorite skincare brand for years now, especially during the transition phase from a teenager to an adult where my skin transformed the most. Recently, I came across a product which really changed my opinion about foundation and how foundations don't have to be so cakey all the time, as I've always been using the Clarins BB cream when it comes to self-grooming. When I don't want it to be too cakey, BB creams and tinted moisturizers work well generally but this product surprised me! It's the Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Light Reflection Foundation SPF 10. The foundation that creates the perfect balance between coverage and hydration. It is oil-free, and comes in

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