Favorite Beauty Products of March 2017

Kevin Aucon's Sensual Skin Enhancer This product is definitely a must-have if you're looking for some great coverage. The professionals in the makeup industry who use this product never look back only because of its thickness, intensity & coverage. It can be difficult to work with if you're new to it but you need to know how to. Even though its displayed in a small jar and is relatively expensive compared to other concealers, a small amount of it goes a long way. It is a very rich & creamy concealer, so it's best used when mixed with a little bit of moisturizer or serum or even your foundation so the texture gets lighter. Applying it directly is not so ideal, unless you need to cover a big s

Hairstyles En Vogue at Fashion Forward Dubai

Fashion Forward, the most-talked about fashion scene around the city, was out with its' 9th edition this weekend, and showcased the latest collections of upcoming & established designers around the UAE. Every year, there's something new to watch for the audience, and hair and makeup plays a vital role in setting the situation and tone of the complete show. Hairstyling is key during these shows and each designer has their own theme for the runway, so these are some of the hairstyles that were witnessed backstage and on the runway. For Nafsika Skourti’s show, the hairdressers styled elegant low donut buns, while models for Starch Foundation’s designers walked the runway with different updos, i

Wedding Beauty Regime for Brides-To-Be

It's not easy to be a bride, and its a lot of pressure when it comes to maintaining your skin, hair and diet before your big day. Dealing with brides over the past 4 years has given me a lot of insight as to how it all works and what actually works with brides. This is some of the advice I love to give my brides-to-be before working on them: 1. Don't Stress-eat Don't stress eat while wedding planning as stress either makes some girls lose weight and some eat more than they need to. Balance it out, and include fresh fruits and fresh vegetable juices in between your diet for the day. Superfoods and plenty of water is the way to go! As they say, you are what you eat. 2. Plan Your Facials Don't

Which classic HudaBeauty lashes are the best to wear?

HudaBeauty lashes have become so popular around the world that every single Sephora in Dubai either almost always has a few out of stock or sometimes completely sold out! Thank god they keep filling the racks up regularly, but one thing I always notice is girls' looking confused when it comes to picking the right lashes for themselves. You have to keep in mind before buying, that HudaBeauty lashes are quite long so if you have very tiny eyes, I don't recommend them but for the rest, feel free to experiment depending on the volume you want. I also suggest you try to cut them to the size of your lash line so they fit your eyes and blend it with your own eyelashes. My personal favorites, from

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