Favorite Beauty Products of February 2017

Daily Serum: Kiel's Hydro Plumping Re-Texturising Serum Concentrate This serum I have raved about earlier, but the effects of it are actually so good that you feel refreshed & renewed after applying this for a few weeks. It's great for all skin types, and feels like water on your skin so doesn't make your skin oily nor dry. Also, not to forget its made of Glycerin which is good for your skin anyway. I use it daily, mostly in the mornings before my sunblock. Contouring: NYX Contour stick in 'deep' shade An inexpensive but most effective way of contouring your face without having to worry about contour lines or intensity of contour. The Deep shade is the most intense shade in this stick (also

Pre-loved Ethnic Luxury launching in Dubai!

Tired of stocking up your old clothes in your wardrobe? After having worn them several times to weddings, parties and events, there's only so much you can do with one outfit. That's why Mybigfatdesicloset is here to rescue you and your wardrobe! It is the ultimate destination for buying and selling pre-loved subcontinental Asian designer garments and accessories, which is going to be launching soon in Dubai, on www.mybigfatdesicloset.com . Hearing about this new concept has just made everything so much easier, because we all have outfits that are lying in our wardrobes which we haven't worn in years and have spent big bucks on. Moreover, it doesn't only cover non-designer wear but they carry

Flawless Tip of the Day

Today's Flawless Tip: Eyelash curlers are usually used to achieve the curled eyelash effect before applying any mascara on the eyelashes. Some people do find it painful and uneasy, so there is another simpler way out. Take a plastic spoon which is sturdy and place it under your eyelashes to push the eyelid upward. It won't curl as much as the eyelash curler but does give you a bit of lift. Using a clear mascara before the spoon curling, gives the eyelashes some texture so when you push it to curl with the spoon, it just looks a little more lifted and holds it slightly more in place.

Quick 5 minute guide to Graffiti Nails

This was my favorite find of last week, which got me thinking that a lot can be done at home if I want to have creative nails and make them look different. I usually do my nails within 5 minutes when I'm in a rush and find it much easier to do them myself probably because in college, I used to love changing my nail colors regularly. Step-by-step 5 minute guide to Graffiti Nails Step 1: Apply a coat of Sally Hansen's 7-IN-1 Complete Nailcare treatment as a base coat. This is one of the best products when it comes to strengthening, protecting and repairing your nails. Let this dry for a few seconds. Step 2: Apply two coats of Sephora's nail polish in "Pink Party". It's a beautiful nude pink sh

My Fashion Diary: Statement style tips & fashion talk with IZAAK AZANEI

IZAAK AZANEI is a contemporary British brand, with a focus on knitwear with fur detailing created by Roshni Khemlani Mehta and her two sisters, Karishma & Deeya, in 2014. Their concept was to create an aspirational and relevant fur brand, more catered to the versatile demands of the cosmopolitan, on-the-go consumer. We got one-on-one with one of the sisters, Roshni, to get the insides of her brand & the best of her styling tips. Wearing an IZAAK AZANEI Signature Trim cardigan (picture above) - What inspired to you start this luxury fur business? Back in 2012/2013, luxury fur fashion was making a significant comeback on the catwalks, in a way not seen previously. It was contemporary, cool, qu

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