What is Step 1? Concealer or Foundation?

I get asked this question several times, every time I'm doing a client's makeup and I always have the same answer. Many beauty blogs confuse their readers and make it seem more complicated than what it actually is. Makeup for me doesn't have a specific order or form. You should apply it the way it is comfortable for you and your skin! OR When you are starting your makeup, you have to first observe and check if you have any skin imperfections, and how much coverage you want overall. These days, since it's all about flawless and radiant skin, I recommend you should stick to medium layers of foundation and not go too cakey as that is not the trend anymore. If you do have acne or acne scars, or

How to Minimize Makeup Packing for Travel

Not many travelers know how to pack wisely for their holiday or short trips because they want to take everything they have packed with them and don't know what to remove from their bags! I am definitely one of them, but when it comes to makeup you must know what you need for a holiday so that you can pack well and avoid coming back with broken or unused makeup. 1. Use a travel organizer for makeup - Victoria Secret's hanging travel case is an ideal option for organizing and dividing your makeup into categories i.e. putting your lipsticks together in one section, eyeshadows in another & lip pencils in the other. Carrying one big kit can be bulky and confusing when you want to find one thing a

Skincare tips from Dr. Lamees, founder of Shiffa

Few days back, I attended a skincare session with Dr.Lamees, the founder & owner of the organic skincare brand, Shiffa, that sells at Sephora. I loved the advice she gave me on my skin after examining my skin type and what exactly to use, so I have started using some of her products and I’m already obsessing over Shiffa’s Healing Balm. They also did a mini facial on my face, using the trip-acid peel, and moisturized with the white-tea moisturizer. This is a great option to rejuvenate and refresh your skin, ideal to do once a week. She had some useful tips she gave out during the session: In your 20s -Don’t use facial wipes and micellar water as its harmful to your skin in the long-run. Use

Biggest Instagram nail trend: Chrome & Holographic Nails

It has been a few weeks that I have been experimenting with my nails for the festive season and I can't say how addicted I actually am to this crazy nail trend! This trend has changed the way I feel about metallic colors because I've always hated metallic nail polish colors on my nails. The first time, I started slamming my nails by doing Holographic Nails. This is effect which looks beautiful under the sun, like a rainbow. You need to choose a base color first for your nails which uses the Gel nail polish technique, with Gellish or Shellac, in the normal way under a UV machine (it lasts for 3 weeks). Once sealed, the holographic powder goes over these nails to polish and shine them, so what

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